Conditionally Output Elements if Nth Position inside a Repeater (ACF)

le 26/10/2021

When using Oxygen’s repeater component with ACF repeater fields, sometimes we may not want to have every element appear in every row and may need them to be output conditionally depending on the row position.

There are a few reasons we may need to do this, some of these could be..
We have an alternating layout where certain elements are only displayed if the item is inside an odd or even row.We have a layout where we want to display more content only on the first row inside the repeater.We want to limit the number of rows that are shown (eg never show more than five items on this template)
In this members-only tutorial, we’ll look at how we can use Oxygen’s conditions feature inside of the repeater component to acheive this.

Using ACF’s get_row_index
ACF Pro has a function that allows us to get the row index, which is the current row inside of the repeater. For eg, to see the function at work, if we were to put a code block inside a repeater and then add the following PHP..

..we would then see a counter starting at 1 and going up by 1 for each new row in the repeater. It’s an easy way to determin which row we are in without having to use a counter and we can conditionally output elements based on this number.
Output only if nth row
Let’s say we’re using the repeater component on a page for a ACF repeater field for some videos. The video repeater field could have several sub fields such as video title, video src, video description and an image.
Although each video would have all sub fields populated, for use elsewhere on the site. It may be that here we only require the first two videos to be visible, the rest we may just want have a text link and to display an image or some other content instead.
To have the video component only output for the first two items in the repeater, we can add a condition based on the row index of each. The video component will only be output if the row index is less than or equal to 2.We already have the function we need from ACF ‘get_row_index’, so we can use the PHP Function Return Value option in the conditions modal using ‘get_row_index’ as the function name. In this case, we would need to set the condition to be true only if the get_row_index returns a value less than or equal to 2.

Now our video component will only appear on the first and second rows. Of course the value here that we have set at two can also be added via dynamic data, coming from another ACF field on the page. If we wanted we could also pass on this control to the client, allowing them to choose the number of videos to display in a particular repeater.
Every Nth Row
Another thing we may wish to do is show elements that are inside every nth row. This can be useful when having an alternating layout than only requires an element to display on every second row, say.
To do this, we can still use the same get_row_index function, but we will need to create custom condition to get what we need.
In a code snippet, we can add our custom condition using the conditions API..
if ( function_exists( 'oxygen_vsb_register_condition' ) ) {

// Condition Name
'ACF repeater row (every nth)',

// Values: The array of pre-set values the user can choose from.
// Set the custom key's value to true to allow users to input custom values.
'options' => array(),
'custom' => true

// Operators
array( '==', '!=' ),

// Callback Function: Name of function that will be used to handle the condition

// Condition Category


* Callback function to handle the condition.
* @param mixed $value Input value - in this case, number to be divisible by.
* @param string $operator Comparison operator selected by the user.
* @return boolean true or false.
function acf_repeater_nth( $value, $operator ) {

$row_index = get_row_index();
$value = intval($value);

return ('==' === $operator) ? ( $row_index % $value === 0 ) : ( $row_index % $value !== 0 );
Now if we wanted the element to display in just the even rows 2nd,4th,6th,8th, then we can use this new condition with ‘==’ as the operator with the value being 2.

For odd rows, replacing the operator with ‘!=’ with the same value of 2 would leave us with the element displaying on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th.. etc rows.
For every 3rd row, 3rd,6th,9th.. we would have the operator as ‘==’ and the value instead set as 3.
All done.

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