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CSS animated button and checkbox for a modern design

 Publié le 9 janvier 2020
Mis à jours le 15 juillet 2020
temps estimé de lecture : 2 minutes

Checkboxes, Input, and Slider in CSS/HTML and JS are often used as qualitative elements for the user experience (UX) in modern web design.

They allow a qualitative enhancement of the inputs / forms, from the registration to the newsletter or the simple validation system. If you're looking for a checkbox, input, and or qualitative Slider to impress your visitors, this easy-to-set checklist will help. Thanks to CodePen, you will find the HTML5/CSS3 or SCSS-JS code to be modified to your liking for your site in order to customize your site to the best of your ability.

CSS3 Checkbox Styles

See the Pen CSS3 Checkbox Styles by Brad Bodine(@bbodine1)on CodePen.dark

A lot of slider, and checkbox in CSS3 without JS. Easy and quick to integrate into your website. They can easily integrate your website or mobile app.

Pure CSS animated button

See the Pen Pure CSS toggle buttons by Mauricio Allende(@mallendeo) on CodePen.dark

A new collection of CSS animated buttons, to be integrated and tested in your website or mobile application design. Practical for a UX Young generation

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