20 Styles of animated borders in CSS for a modern site

Ecrit le 13/02/2020
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Border elements in CSS are often used as a surprise element in Contemporary Web design.

Until the user hovers over the item, they will not know how they will react. If you're looking for creative border effects to wow your users, the animations in this list will help. In this list, there is a border effect for buttons, content blocks, gallery sections, and other small web items. Most effects are designed using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 scripts, allowing you to easily customize and use the design to suit your needs.

Animation Cool Css Border

Until the user hovers over the text, he does not see the edges of the buttons. The design and effect are very minimal, so you can use them on any part of the site. Boundaries move in different directions. If you want to create a smooth flow, you can change the direction of the animation. Not only the design but the code script of this border animation is also simple. You can just copy the code and use it on your website or project. The border lines are thick and dark, which clearly defines the area of the object. By making a few personalizations, this effect can be perfectly adapted to the design of your website or application.

Download | Demo

Animation Button Hover

The hover animation of this button is very minimal, but powerful enough to attract the attention of the user. The corners of the buttons are visible on the button and the lines develop gradually to mark the limit of the button. If you're creating a modern Scandinavian style web design, animated elements like this will add richness to your design. Like the previous button hover effect, this is also created using a CSS3 script. Being a CSS3 script, you get a smooth animation effect and natural colors.

Download |Demo

Animation Razer CSS Border

If you're a fan of Razer, this RGB illuminated border effect will certainly impress you. In this border effect, you get brilliant RGB colors moving from corner to corner. If you're creating a gaming website, things like this will certainly help you build relationships with the audience. Because most hardcore gaming accessories have this RGB effect and gamers obviously love this design. This simple colorful animation effect is designed using the CSS3 script. Therefore, you can use this effect even on your existing website. The script is really simplistic and won't weigh down your web pages and also works well on mobile devices.

Download | Demo

Animation CSS Border Broken Grid

If you're using an asymmetric grid and broken grid website design, animated web elements like these will energize your design. Using an animated web element not only gives a rich visual appearance, but also provides an improved and interactive user experience. The creator of this border effect created this goal with the broken grid style in mind. The whole effect is smooth and clean, which will encourage users to raise their eyebrows. This one is also a pure CSS3 design, so you can use it without hesitation on any modern website. The developer of this effect shared the code in the CodePen editor. So you can edit and view your personalization results before using them on your website.

Download | Demo

Animation Border without SVG

If you're looking for attractive border animation to make your content blocks image holders, this design can help. Two lines move smoothly around the edges of the block and also give a shaded effect when the user hovers over it. The default design is just a vague example, you can adjust it to your purpose. To facilitate your customization work, the developer has used the latest HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks. Therefore, you can use all of the modern animation effects and color schemes in this example border animation. In the original design, the animated border revolves around another border on the inside. So make sure you have enough space between the elements.

Download | Demo

Single element CSS border animation

The single element CSS border animation is another border animation for call to action buttons. The limit lights up and moves quickly to wave the button. Since it is a light effect, it looks great on dark themed website templates. In addition, the effect is smooth and professional in appearance. So you can use it without problem on professional websites. The borders of the button are clearly displayed before the animation so that the user knows exactly where to click and interacts with the button. This is an SCSS script. So you can easily edit the effects based on your design and location.

Download | Demo

CSS border animation by Inderpreet

Another border animation effect for blocks and image carriers. You can use effects like this in an area rich in content to highlight important content. For example, on the product or service page, you can use this animated block to highlight and display your best product or service. The effect is smooth and flowing from one edge and ends at the other end. In the default design, you get a large white line, but you can change the line thickness and colors according to your design. Since most animations take up the surface of the element, you can easily integrate it into any part of the site.

Download | Demo

Animation Border CSS

This animation effect is almost similar to the border animation in the previous example. But in this one, you get an additional rollover effect with the border effect. When you use text boxes on an image, background elements improve the visibility of the content. With the HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks, the creator is able to give you a perfect glass finish. When hovering, you get a shaded effect on the content block, which adds extra beauty to the glass finish. Since this design is done only using HTML and CSS scripts, working with them will not be a problem for developers.

Download | Demo

Animation One Div Hover

One of the main advantages of the modern web design framework is that you can surprise your audience with interactive animation effects. In this effect, you will not see any borders or animations before the user hovers over the text. The border of the button is highlighted by a gradient of colors. A 3D aspect is given when the user rolls the mouse over the button to distinguish it from the background. Another benefit of this interesting design is that it is created using HTML and CSS scripts only. As a result, it will load faster and perform better on both the mobile and desktop versions.

Download | Demo

Border Effect Animation with SVG and CSS

Border animation effects should not be used only for galleries and buttons. In this design, the designer used border animation for the map elements. If you want to highlight and display the best price table among the others, an animation like this will help you. A simple ribbon label on the pricing table is enough to highlight a table, but its animation would be more lively. In the default design, the border animation is treated as a rollover effect. You can use the drawing as such or edit and animate a single map to differentiate it from the others.

Download | Demo

Animation Css Border by Nedim

If you are looking for a NatGeo style border animation, this is the best inspiration for you. In the default design, the designer just used a line moving in a square format. You can embed this design on any part of the website and on any web element. The simple design of this border animation makes it well integrated with all types of web pages and application screens. The code structure is also very simple so you can easily use them to incorporate it into your design. Since it uses CSS3, you can even use other types of animations in this design.

Download | Demo

SVG Border Animation 1

In the previous button border animation effect, we saw the full animation of the rectangle or square shape of the button. In this effect, a single line turns into a button. Animations like this will allow the user to navigate clearly to the desired page. You can even use this design on a personal website when the user clicks the button to add it to your portfolio or page. Therefore, this design is a practically functional design that you can use for any website and landing pages. The animation effect is elegant and fluid, so the user does not have to wait for the animation to end before accessing the option.

Download | Demo

CSS Border Transitions

Six CSS border animation effects are given in this set. All six effects are stylish and simple, so you can use them on any professional website without any hesitation. The creator has provided you with subtle and aggressive animation effects. Depending on your needs, choose one and start modifying it. All the effects given in this example are designed using HTML5 and CSS3 scripts. Therefore, you can change the shape of the button and give any modern animation effect. By doing a few optimizations, you can use any of these effects in designing your responsive websites.

Download | Demo

Border by M. Barría

This is another border animation effect for map elements. This effect is almost similar to the border animation effect with the SVG and CSS design mentioned above. But, this one has a slightly different animation effect. These effects do not only affect map elements, but can also be used for other elements. The effect is simple and only takes a few spaces on the screen, so you can easily compress it, even on your existing website. The designer has assigned you animation effects for hovering over the element and moving the cursor away. This effect is created only with the help of a CSS3 script, its modification and use take only a few minutes. On your website or your project.

Download | Demo

SVG Border Animation 2

SVG border animation 2 is the best animation effect for event cards and other digital card designs. As this design is done using HTML and CSS scripts, you can even use them in the design of your email template. But you need to do some optimizations before using it for designing the email template. For a smooth animation effect, the developer used a few lines of Javascript. As the default effect is simple, you can do the same on the CSS3 script itself.

Download | Demo

Border-Gradient Mix

In this set, you get a border animation for circular elements. Geometric shapes are widely used in this modern web design. If you are using circular web elements, this border animation will be useful for you. Three types of designs are presented in this circular border animation and all have a professional look. Examples of simple and bold animation effects are given in this set. Depending on your taste, choose one and start working on it. For hands-on experience with the code script used to create this design, see the information link given below.

Download | Demo

Draw center borders

A border animation like this will be the best option for modern fashion websites and e-commerce sites. With animation, you also have the option of showing additional functionality to the user. In large bold type, you can display the title of the product and, by hovering over it, the purchase button. On the e-commerce website, we need to provide all the important functionality without taking up a lot of space. Using elements like this will provide a better user experience without compromising performance.

Download | Demo

Animation SVG Ellipse Border

Animation SVG Ellipse Border is another border animation effect for circular elements. If you provide floating option buttons, such animations will help you make your design interactive. Like most CSS border animations in this list, this is also done using HTML and CSS scripts. In the default effect itself, the transition and the color scheme look professional. The developer of this design has given you a very basic concept. From there, you need to adjust the code to add your functionality and adapt it to your design.

Download | Demo

Animation Border-Radius

The edge-ray animation gives a liquid drop like an animation to a circular element. It's just automated animation but if you need it, you can make it an interactive animation effect. As this is a simple animation effect, the structure of the code also remains simple. This one is designed using HTML and CSS3 script. Since it uses the latter structure, you can combine other modern effects to create your own custom animation. The creator of this design gave you a basic example. From there, you have to work manually to make it a perfect part of your website or app.

Download | Demo

Animation Double Bordure

Double border animation is a clean and simple animation effect for the texts and headers of your website. Since typography is also part of modern website design, using elements like this will make your website even more pleasant to use. The default animation effect is smooth and crisp, but if you need to change the animation speed, you can customize it. The complete code structure used to create this animation is shared in the CodePen editor. Therefore, you can customize and see your results before using them on your website or project.

Download | Demo

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